Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I think I am just about recovered from Christmas now – it was a rather tiring couple of days. We left for Sydney on the 24th, arriving there in the afternoon. Christmas eve was spent at Troys mum and step dads place overlooking Lavender Bay. Except for the brightness of the lights and the noise, it is a pretty spot there. We went for a walk across the road in the park and down into the ‘Secret Garden’ which was absolutely amazing. It has been built on railway land by the ex wife of Australian artist Brett Whiteley. I felt like such a kid, wandering along the paths which curve in and out and around through the gardens. The thing I liked about it the most though is that the bottom area has been designed in the style of a food forest. There were fig trees, citrus and what I think may have been a Davidson Plum as well as strawberries and other herbs scattered around the place. It was a little patch of paradise and gave me some great ideas for designing our gardens down here.

Christmas morning we headed up the road to my mums place where we had a nice lunch with my side of the family then over to Troys dads place for a couple of hours with that part of the family before heading for home. We had a good run getting out of the city and then a nice easy drive all the way back home, arriving here a bit after 10pm. It was tiring, especially for Troy who was driving, but well worth it to be out of the city after 24 hours! It was good to see our families but I have no desire to go back to the city any time soon. It was such a huge relief to drive back into town and of course, to come home to our cats who we have never been away from overnight.

So now we (and the garden) are enjoying this gorgeous weather and a little bit of a holiday feeling before I go back to work tomorrow.

Hope everyone else had an enjoyable and safe christmas!


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