Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I am engaged! Troy proposed to me yesterday and I, of course said YES. We are both crazy-happy and I am still grinning from ear to ear. We havent set a date yet but have a timeframe in mind... :D



Valley View said...

Okay I'm dizzy from surfing now, Congradulations you two. You need to expand on the how and where for all the female viewers out here, you know she'll ask me.

Mr & Mrs BVVF

The Duck Herder said...

yay! congratulations Miss Em and Mr Em! Mr BVVF is right - eventhough he wasnt refering to me......more details please!!!

Em said...

Heh fiiine if I must :P

Well it was just at home, in the kitchen. We were standing there being all lovey and stuff, Troy telling me how wonderful I am for putting up with him (he had been a grump all morning) and then he just dropped to one knee and asked. Totally spontaneous, even he didnt know he was going to propose then and there until a few seconds before he did haha. My response of course was something along the lines of 'yes! yes! a million times yes!'

The ring is gorgeous, it was my parents engagement ring... big sapphire surrounded by a ring of 8 little diamonds in a platinum setting. Oh so sparkly :D

And by the way, we still havent stopped grinning :P

The Duck Herder said...

well OK, stop cuddling and grinning and give us an update! Did you get SNOW up there today?

And is troy giving you baby ducks for your engagement present? Cause I know where you can get some for free!

Em said...

Hehe nah cant stop grinning sorry, not possible! We have set a date - October 1st next year, which is our 5 year anniversary :) And no we didnt get snow but it is about 9 degrees at the moment! Such a nice change from last weeks heat.

Heh when are the babies big enough to be outside without warmth from mum or a heat light? They are SOOO cute and I cant wait to adopt a couple! I better get my butt in to gear and build a duckyhome! Any suggestions for appropriate housing? And feed? I have spent lots of time researching chookies but you will need to teach me about being a duck mama!