Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Busy Little Bee

Just a quick update – once again life gets in the way and all the things I plan on posting about on the blog are forgotten or I dont have time for. The past couple of weeks have been very busy between work and the community garden (of which I am now the Secretary by the way!). When I havent been at work, a meeting or a workshop I have been ’spring cleaning’ the house, washing doonas etc. It has been pretty warm and having evening shifts means I dont get much time in the garden as it is either two hot, or too dark when I am home!

Despite my neglect it is all coming on just swell. Troy has been faithfully watering it so except for a few seedlings which werent happy being transplanted, we havent had any losses. We are harvesting a handful or two of snow peas each day and a meal or twos worth of spinach and silverbeet a week. The lettuce are all big and green and healthy looking and we could be eating a salad a day easily with what we have growing. Only one problem though – they are bitter as hell!Oh well, at least the worm farm will benefit… We have also started harvesting the first of the small tart plums from the trees on the nature strip which is quiet a novelty although I think I will be chucking most of them in the freezer to make plum jam when I have enough.

Hope everyone is well and not wilting in the heat!


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