Friday, September 11, 2009

Our New Home

Well we survived the move, just. It was a bit stressful but nothing major went wrong so I am very thankful for that. The only hiccups involved the removalists arriving much later than they had originally said both for pick up and delivery which resulted in some inconvenience for us, but mostly for Troys mum who kindly hung around at the apartment to supervise the packing while we headed off early with the cats in order to get to Cooma before the real estate closed for the day so we could get the keys to our new house. While I had previously been advised the truck would arrive between 8 and 11am it didnt turn up until about 5pm!!! It arrived 24 hours later - thankfully there is a street light directly out front because we were helping unload the truck long after the sun had set.

The first night we were here we had a kettle and some blankets and not a whole lot else. Our bed was a pile of doonas on the floor, so we were determined to at least get the bed together after the removalists left on our second night before we passed out. The first priority the next morning of course was getting the kitchen set up and the books unpacked. I'm afraid to say we havent gotten much further than that... we got distracted.

The gardens here are hardly worthy of being called gardens at all. It is nothing but weeds everywhere with a few overgrown roses in the front and some shrubs and cherry-blossom type trees down the side between the house and the side paddock.

We have done quite a bit of work so far which I will prove with photos, ah..sometime. I have given the roses a hard pruning and cut the dead wood out of one of the bushes at the side as well as a lot of trimming and tidying. We have constructed a nice big compost heap to collect all the garden waste which hopefully I will be able to get the recipe right for, and create some nice sweet compost for the garden. We also have spent a lot of time clearing out a rectangular bed in the front, loosening the soil and removing all the weeds and digging in some mushroom compost and chook poo to get it ready for immediate planting - which I did today. The rest of the front we will sheet mulch and I will probably put in a green manure crop to build up the o.m. in the soil and get it ready for autumn plantings.

I have already sheet mulched down one side of the veggie plot between it and the fence to suppress the weeds but there is still a lot to go - think I might need to ask the neighbours and the newsagent for any newspapers they dont need!

I have so many plans for this place so I really hope we will be able to continue renting it until we buy our own land, but if not we will have gotten fit and tanned and learnt a lot in the process :)

Well, I am falling asleep at the desk now so I think it is time to curl up with a good book and refresh myself, ready for a busy weekend...details to come ;)



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Em!! So good to hear your dream is coming to fruition! Can't wait to se the photos - how are the cats taking it? :D

Em said...

Thanks :) The cats are going just fine. They both enjoy having more space to play in, especially Loki who we can constantly hear galloping up and down the hall haha. We have let Gabby outside a couple of times under supervision and Loki slipped out the other day but soon got scared back in by the finches!