Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pictures of Our New Home

Here they are, what you have all been holding your breath for... ok, well, what you have thought about for a split second the last time you were reading my blog before you got distracted by something more interesting :P


Let us start the tour at the front gate. This is our pretty new garden arch (all of $10) with the Hardenbergia potted next to it. Hopefully this will grow quickly and cover it with lovely green foliage and pretty white flowers :) I also want to get a purple flowered variety to climb up the other side. The Hardenbergia, also know as Native Wisteria is a tough climber/rambler with pretty sprays of flowers in spring similar in look to a regular wisteria but these are much faster growing and a real hit with the bees. Oh yeah and it is leguminous as well, always a bonus :)

If you look to your right as you walk down the path you will see this lovely open view - this is the front of our 'side paddock' and our rather potholed driveway. Must fix that some time...

Now group, look back to your left where you will see our lovely little vegie plot. The path in the middle is still a work in progress thanks to the old fence palings I am using being alllll the way down the back. And we dont own a wheelbarrow yet! The middle bed is surrounded by a cement barrier - down the left between the plot and the fence is an old rose bush, recently pruned, an itty bitty rosemary and two small half dead comfrey plants I got from the el cheapo table at the nursery. The black pot at the end in the middle is the passionfruit which I am HOPING will recover and grow well over summer. The strip of weeds at the end and right side have this afternoon been dug, scattered with lucerne seed and mulched. I am hoping the lucerne will outgrow all the weeds and I can slash it as mulch for the herbs and flowers which I will grow in that strip later.

The whole plot has been planted with various seeds as well as these seedlings along the edge in one corner - ruby chard, coriander, red bunching onions and some wombok.

Ok, enough of the plot, lets keep moving people!

Ahead of you as we walk up the front steps is the prettiest plant. I love the delicate little flowers and will definitely be encouraging this one to keep on growing!

Now look to your right and you will see where we have been spending all our mornings. The chairs there are the perfect spot to soak up the early morning sun as we watch the finches playing in the bushes and have our breakfast and coffee. Just perfect!!!

If you walk to the end and look over the railing you will see a few of these little darlings. They are little grape hyacinths. Another existing plant I will be helping along and keeping around for my pleasure.

Right, that is enough of the front for now. Inside the front door and to our left is a pic just for Alyson. As you can see, the cats have settled in rather well! SUCH a hard life being a cat!

Next let us all scootch down the hall past the unpacked boxes and clothes on the floor (hey, we dont have a wardrobe or any shelves yet okay! Sheesh!) and out the back door we go. Looking to the right is the great expanse of weeds and granite dust which is the backyard. Out of site to the left is the junk pile that the owner has no desire to remove so we are working at. Plenty of wood to burn and some nice scrap iron which I am sure I will find a use for. Hmmm I do need a potting table and a green house and ah... ahem.

And of course I saved the best for last. This is our view to the left looking out the back door. Not bad huh? Sure beats apartment blocks and the bright lights of the shopping centre!

And that, ladies and gents, ends our tour for today. My tummy tells me it is dinner time so I am off to get lost in my wonderfully huge kitchen :D

See ya!

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Anonymous said...

Re: the cat photo: "Move, what move?"

Looks great Em, and you sound very happy...country life has that effect on you!