Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time flies by when you're having fun...

Well here we are a month and a bit later and it is all happening. We have found a house, removalists etc are booked, packing is almost complete. Moving day is next Tuesday, 1st of September. I am still excited and nervous and getting a bit fidgety. I just want to be in our new home already!!! The unit doesnt really feel like our home anymore with everything packed away, just the furniture and a lot of boxes! I think the cats are a bit over it too as each weekend we have had to pack them down into the garage while complete strangers walk through our house and look at all our stuff (open house inspections). One of the upsides to this is that they should be used to the car by the time we are heading off - I really hope so anyway. I dont particularly like the idea of two cats freaking out and whining for 5 or so hours!

Not a lot else has been happening, just working although not a whole lot. Bad because it means I have no money, but good because I have had plenty of time to prepare for the move!

The garden is coming along nicely with the mulberry covered in new growth and fruit, the lemon has little flower buds and the peach, fig, cherry and plum are all either bursting into leaf already, or showing signs of activity in the tiny green tips of the buds :) I do have some sad news to report though - there have been two fatalities in the garden - the new lavender plant from Diggers which I accidently let dry out too much and never recovered, and the grape which I thought was just dormant but when I pruned it back, discovered it was in fact dead. I still think I am not going too badly though, with those two, plus a Tinkerbelle apple and a rosemary bush being my only fatalities out of the perennials/trees. Oh yeah and the blueberry. Woops. That one was definately my fault though, for planting it in potting mix which was far too alkaline for its liking. At least I learnt something from that!

Now my only concern is getting all my green babies to Cooma safely and keeping them protected from the weather for the first few weeks until they adapt to the new climate.

Wish me luck :)



Anonymous said...

Luck Em! I'm so excited for you!

Valley View said...

Are yu there yet??