Saturday, July 18, 2009

Movin to the Country...

The other day I got a wonderful surprise call from my mother with unexpected news. Because the value of our unit is right up at the moment she has decided it is a good time to sell and so as that we are not homeless she is lending us enough money to cover costs for the move to Cooma. WoooOOOoooOOOOooo hooooo!

I am so excited that the move is finally happening, but a little nervous and anxious as well about all there will be to do. We have to do some painting and general cleaning and maintenance to the unit as well as all the usual packing stuff, organising removalists etc... and finding a place to live. Once we have the timeline a bit better sorted I will contact a couple of the real estate agents and tell them what we are after and get them to send us pics of anything appropriate. We probably wont bother driving down to inspect anything because it is a bit of a drive and being a rental it doesn't matter THAT much. As long as we can have the cats there and the roof doesn't fall in on top of us...We also have to find work which is the harder part but I think that will have to wait until after the move, or we at least have a set date. People don't seem keen to hire someone with a start date of 'oh, you know, sometime in the next month or two...'

I now have a to do list as long as my arm but am getting through it bit by bit. Today was a break day though - we went up to my MIL to be's 10 acre block in Kurrajong and had a lovely time. The views to the west are amazing as they are right on top of the ridge. It was also very nice and warm, a pleasant change from the cool air down here in the Sydney Basin! We didn't JUST relax though, we also had some fun playing with the chainsaw hehe. I haven't used one since I did my training 6 years ago but it all came back pretty quickly. It was wonderful being up there in the quiet and fresh air doing a bit of real work. I am so much more 'me' in that environment. I am really looking forward to being me constantly once we are out of this crowded noisy city!!!


The Duck Herder said...


Valley View said... it has all the houses you'll need. Good Luck


Em said...

BVVF, thanks for that link! It had a few that werent listed on domain or

Have made contact with a couple of agents down there. The first girl was a b*tch but the second two were nice. Funny how they are so much more willing to help me when I mention the rental will only be for a year or two until we BUY and build lol. I just hope more places become available soon. There really is NOTHING at the moment :(

Either of you got a spare couch? :P

Valley View said...


Try looking at Numerella, Bredbo or Berridale as well, all are only 15min from Cooma and really nice places - probably cheaper as well. I've got a shearing shed - but even the sheep don't like it in there.

Em said...

We have but there isn't anything available. Last night I sent off the application for a house in Nimby Place which looks nice. Is it a good area there near the HS? Fingers crossed we get it but if not..hmmm I wonder if I can get a bulk discount on spacfilla. Or does the roof of the shed need work too? Hehehe

lyrebird said...

congratulations! and love the blog too. i can so very well relate to you longing for more space and real earth. we live in the inner west of sydney - rented house with great sunlight in the back yard - but it is all swimming pool and pebblecrete, and a greek statue. so my garden is in boxes, and like you, i rejoice over every tomato and passionfruit and rocket leaf. but we are buying 40 acres on the mid-north coast, with creek! we will permaculure it and have had a consultant out to look over and draw up plans for us. it is so exciting and i'm documenting it on my bobo creek blog.
good luck with finding a place and keep it all up.

Em said...

Hi Lyrebird, thanks :)

You poor thing being in the inner west! I was in Leichhardt for a couple of years and while at the time it suited my lifestyle I could never go back there. The worst bit was having to stop mid conversation every time a plane went over!!! We were also close to Parramatta Rd so I would be too scared to have eaten anything grown there because of the pollution!

Glad you too are following your dream :)