Friday, June 12, 2009

Lessons Learnt from a First Time Seed Raiser

Here are some of the details of seed raising I have discovered this year during my first attempt at raising large numbers of seeds.

#1 – make sure whatever trays or containers you are using to raise your seeds in are sufficiently deep to let them put down decent roots
#2 – if you dont have a sunny spot for them, get a grow light! Otherwise you will end up with a tonne of weak leggy seedlings
#3 – water at least once every day with a spray bottle or the seed raising mix will dry out and your seedlings will hate you
#4 – only grow one type of plant in each tray or you will disturb the slower growing seedlings when it is time to prick out the bigger ones
#5 – if you are going to be transplanting into small pots before eventually going outdoors, have these and the potting mix ready before you expect to need it
#6 – small delicate vegies and flowers are easier to just scatter in the garden and let grow direct. They will not take well to being transplanted
#7 – if you dont have a greenhouse to start seedlings early, just wait an extra few weeks. The seeds sown at a later date will catch up quickly and be more healthy and vigorous than the ones planted earlier
#8 – do not transplant seedlings too early or before they have been properly hardened off or they will just keel over and die, or be eaten.
#9 – unless you want far more than you can eat in one go, stagger your plantings
#10 – USE LABELS! You will not remember what you planted no matter how good you think your memory is.

And that, dear friends is some of what I have learnt this year. Hopefully I will remember my own lessons in another 12 months!

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