Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So, today as I was browsing jobs in Cooma as I do regularly to keep an eye on what is available, I saw a position I would be perfect for. So I applied for it! We havent been planning to move for some months yet, in order to save up in case we dont find work straight away but If I got this job we could move asap as we would have an income - enough to cover all expenses while my darling looks for work.

I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed and hoping that if I DO get it they dont want me to start for say, a month, so we can get organised and you know...find somewhere to live! But hey, details, details ;)

In other news, not a lot has been happening around here lately. We are housemate free again and loving having our home back. The cats are both good and ratty. Loki is almost done teething so is settling down a bit again thankfully although I am ready to throttle him because his latest favourite game seems to be 'Getting Past Mums Garden Defenses'. No matter what I do he still manages to get in to the plants and dig around in the pots. Grrr! So tonight I will be cutting out squares of green plastic mesh type stuff to put over every pot so he can jump on top but not dig and harm the roots at least. Hopefully they will do the trick!

Hope everyone is well and making the most of this lovely autumn weather :)



The Duck Herder said...

oh oh! good luck Em. I really hope you get the job. We will be neighbours!

Valley View said...

hi EM

in todays paper there are a couple of jobs one at the council for a team leader, there's a cooks job at somewhere and a admin officer customer service and travel agent in Berridale. IOf you want more detail let me know...!