Monday, April 6, 2009

Hippo Birdy to Me!!!

Its my birthday today :D 24 years old - I reckon I am still young enough that I am allowed to get excited about birthdays haha. Dont have anything special planned except maybe a yummy dinner. We were meant to have dinner with the family on Saturday but my poor little niece was terribly sick so that has been put off till this coming weekend. As a consolation I made myself a delicious (if not so healthy) Tiramisu

...using my very favourite appliance in the whole house - my 60-ish year old Sunbeam MixMaster!

This beauty belonged to my grandmas mother in law. She used it to make cakes for my mum when she was little, mum used it to make mine and my sisters birthday cakes when we were kids and it is only a few years now until I will be using it to make OUR childrens cakes. I love having something still in use with some history and a lifetime of memories attached.

When we ducked into mums on the weekend I had fun going through her old purple plastic sewing box I remember from when I was little and pulling out a few things to keep. I got a bag of assorted buttons, permanent loan of mums solid metal pinking shears (not sure how old but they are SOLID and sharp as anything) and my absolute favourite, this little old pin tin. Isnt it gorgeous!!!

The awesome shears, still in their original box :)

oh oh oh..and I got myself a birthday pressie today :D

Meet the newest addition to the balcony. Peggy, the Bowen Mango. Yes I have named it :P after my favourite client who gave me a little present for my birthday and told me to put it towards my dream :) Here she is posing between the grape and passionfruit.

Aaaand speaking of wonderful clients, look what another one made for me - she knows I am learning to sew and thought I could use a pin cushion. (I am the one who arranged the pins to look like flowers. Yes I am a dork. Deal with it.)

Ok, you are probably all bored out of your minds by now, so here is a cute pic of Loki just for fun. I love that he looks kinda stoned. He had just woken up from a nap draped over the arm of the chair. Poor little munchkin, always waking up to the flash of the camera as I try to sneak yet another cutie-sleeping-kitty pic!

Take care all :)


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Anonymous said...

Hippo Birdy Two Ewes Em! Hope your year is everything you wish it to be. Love love love your mixmaster, and I recognised that brand of pin tin immediately. (Sigh) watch out, you'll wonder where the years went in another 16!