Sunday, March 29, 2009


Things have been a little quiet around the blog lately. Since having a hissy fit and pulling everything out of the garden I kind of lost my blog-mojo. I have been keeping very busy though, with work and study and all the other usual day to day things. I was on a real roll for a few weeks with the PDC but after my computer shat itself and was out of action for a week I lost my momentum. Long hours at work havent really helped either. But now it is time to get back on track!!!

I have at least been slightly productive and continued to de clutter the place and reorganise a bit. Four adults and two cats in a two bedroom apartment...those of you with HOUSES be grateful for how much space you have :P I really cant wait until we are in Cooma and have some more room to move and keep things.

In garden news, for my birthday next week my darling is paying for an order from the latest Diggers catalogue - the early summer fruit collection (self pollinating: 2 peaches, plum, apricot, cherry) plus a fig and lavender. Cant wait till they turn up. I have decided to stick with the trees and bushes for now instead of battling with bugs for the annuals. Also this way I can give our orchard a head start of a couple of years. By the time the trees are too big for their pots we will hopefully have some land to plant them out into. Along with the 2 apples, mulberry, lemon and mandarin I already have (plus grape, passionfruit and coffee bushes) I am getting quite a nice little collection. Not bad for a 6m balcony!!!

So, what else to update about? Well, little Loki is going well and growing up. When he isnt being a little monster-monkey he is an absolute sweety. At the moment it is about a 70/30 ratio of monster vs sweety but hopefully once he finishes teething and he gets the *snip* it will go back to mostly sweety! Just for the awww factor, here is a recent pic:

Now THIS is why I never get any work done!

As you can see he loves hanging around my computer when I am sitting here. Apparently the Wacom tablet is very comfy :P

Oh and I dont recall if I mentioned it or not, but we adopted a 6yo girl from one of my clients who had to go into a nursing home and couldn't take her. Petal (hey, they named her, not me ok?) and Loki are not exactly best friends yet but they tolerate each other although Loki does get the occasional well deserved smack across the face when he is annoying Petal haha. This is one of the rare moments of getting on.

And for more awww-ness, look what my sweety bought me the other day 'just because'. Aren't I a lucky girl?

Well, the boy is up at the rifle range for the afternoon so time to make the most of the peace and quiet and get some study done!



Bron said...

That ginger cat is gorgeous! I've a ginger cat as well - a big british short hair named Ben. He's a sook!

Em said...

It is funny, I was never a fan of gingers before, but this little man has stolen my heart completely. How could he not when I wake up to him lying on my chest, head tucked under my chin, purring away!!! I am assuming your boy is desexed - what age did you have him done? Apparently the later it is done the bigger they get.

The Duck Herder said...

loki is BEAUTIFUL!