Monday, February 16, 2009

Queen of Procrastination.. and a meme

If there were a crown and scepter, they would be mine. Today, the day my license expires, I FINALLY got around to doing my green P's test. I have been driving on my reds for ah...4 1/2 years (just kept renewing instead of going onto greens). If I hadn't kept putting it off I would have been on my FULL license a year or more ago. Heh, woops. Well I figure as long as I can drive at all, who cares what colour the licence is? So yes, that is my proud news for today. I can now legally drive at 100km/h :P

Now for some entertainment (debatable!) here is a meme from Alyson over at Laugh in the Sun

List 10 honest facts about yourself and make it interesting...hmmm I think I can do that.

1 I have never travelled overseas and have no great desire to. When I was 17 mum gave me a choice of two options - I could join her and my grandparents on a trip to Italy or when they got back mum and I would do a trip to QLD and the NT. I chose the latter and have never regretted it. I mean c'mon, history and architecture with your GRANDPARENTS or snorkelling the Barrier Reef, soaking in hot springs in Mataranka and climbing the escarpment to look out over Arnhem Land? Yeah, still not a hard choice ;)
2 When I was little myself, sister and cousins made a 'band' called the Violet Unicorns - we mostly sang tunes from great musicals such as *ahem* The Little Mermaid and similar but we did make up some of our own and I still remember one of them.
3 I am a recorded artist. At about age 11 or so, I was in the Australian Youth Choir for a year (mum wouldnt let me continue because the uniform was too expensive and I had a habit of giving things up rather quickly). At the end of the year we did a concert in Town Hall and recorded a Christmas Carols CD (in a Uni lecture hall maybe?) which was sold in Sanity and probably a few other music stores.
4 A few years earlier, in year 3 I quit ballet because of an impending concert. I also didnt like it because the lovely teacher called me Banana Back and teased me becaause my butt stuck out. If I ever have anyone say ANYTHING like that to my children they will be immediately bitch slapped. I doubt that teacher had the slightest clue what damage she did to my self esteem and body image with that single comment.
5 I despise organised religion (of all denominations) yet I worked for the 3rd largest church in Australia for 3 years. I started working there casually in my mums department just to help out while I didnt have a job elsewhere. The hours got longer then I was offered a position in the national office (down the hall haha) and ended up there full time working as a personal assistant.
6 I have never been fired from a job, but I have walked off two jobs in a rage. The first was when I worked at the horse riding ranch. I was back from 2 months off after having torn a ligament in a bad fall from a new horse whom I had been instructed to ride by the manager (against my better judgement). I was being careful not to strain it but she had a go at me for not 'pulling my weight', I got pissed at her because the fall had been partially her fault, told her where to stick it and left. I missed the horses but not the dogs ;)
The second time was my last job. I had handed in my resignation a week previously, my manager was being a jerk trying to make me do something which was not ever in my job description and I was not comfortable doing, he told me to F* Off if I wasnt going to do the I did. It was very satisfying standing up to that arrogant so and so :) and it meant I got an extra weeks holiday before starting the new job haha.
7 I used to have my tongue pierced. When I was 18 and living away from home for the first time, I decided to be a bit of a rebel hehe. It was done at the tattoo parlour in Dubbo on the way home from Tafe - spur of the moment decicion. I spent the next week or so living off liquid panadol and 2 minute noodles. I took it out after 5 years because now that I am old enough to pay my own dental bills, I finally took notice of all the warnings mum had given me about it damaging my teeth!!!
8 I have voluntarily stuck my hand up a cows butt...repeatedly. I went to an agricultural high school and part of year 9 Ag was doing preg testing on some of the schools dairy herd. Most of the girls and not a few of the guys refused to do it but as with all things gross and animal related I was more than happy to have a go. After the thrill of discovering the first cow was pregnant, I was eager to try on the next in line. Oh and btw, yes we were wearing giant shoulder length gloves.
9 Still on the topic of birth, I was with my sister for the birth of her first child, my now almost 5 year old nephew. She was in a birthing ward with a big bed, courtyard and everything. My mother and sisters partner were both also present. I will never forget the experience and am so grateful to her for letting me be there for such a joyous moment. Watching my nephews first movement outside the womb was amazing and I am sure the only thing that will ever top it is when I have my own children :)
10 I have had an acoustic guitar for about 6 years but never learnt to play it. It was given to me by someone I used to know who was going to teach me how to play it, but when he moved interstate I lost my teacher and got frustrated with trying to self teach. I have never gotten rid of it though because I am determined to learn to play it ONE DAY!

And here ends the facinating tale of me ;)

Just for giggles this is L-R my sister, cousin, me, cousin. The four that were the Violet Unicorns hehe. And no, we didnt all go to the same school. Apparently we considered dressing up in uniform fun!


Anonymous said...

So cute! Violet Unicorns - so creative...wouldn't it be cool for you cousins to get together and have a run through? Thanks for sharing Em! I want to know more about preg testing cows!

Em said...

Well...if you are sure... ;)

There are a couple of different ways of doing it but the way I was taught, you literally stick your hand up the cows butt and feel for the veins which run along either side between the rectum and the uterus. If i recall it was a good foot or so in. If the cow is not pregnant you wont feel them, but if she is you should be able to feel them pulsing with the blood flow, which I recall gets stronger as the pregnancy progresses. The veins you are feeling for supply blood to the uterus and embryo which is why you can only feel them if the cow is pregnant. If she is more than about a month pregnant you should be able to feel a firm lump in the uterus which is the calf.

So yeah, there you have it. Sound fun? :P