Sunday, February 15, 2009


Yes, I am giving up...sort of...and for now. Previously I have suffered from aphid and whitefly infestations. That left me with one tomato plant - see pic below of harvest - and my perennials. In the last week, I have discovered mealybugs, powdery mildew and thrips and/or red spider mite. The thrips destroyed my young basil plants and have even got into the seedraising greenhouse and are damaging the next lot of basil seedlings as well as all the other seedlings I had in there. So, my action plan is thus: rip out ALL the annuals. Dispose. Over autumn and winter I will get some compost and re fill the pots with decent potting mix as I think a big part of my problem was getting in cheap crappy potting mix which no amount of seasol or rooster booster was able to improve, thus creating weak plants which were susceptible to every possible problem.

For now, things here at the homestead will be focusing more on inside jobs - sewing, mending, creating, learning.

At least I had a little harvest from my plants. Two whole tomatoes, Grosse Lisse. Blurry, but yum :)

In other news, The Monster aka Loki is going well. He is growing fast, being a typically curious kitten and keeping us awake half the night with his playing (and destroying). Here he is in one of his rare moments of calm.

Well, off to tear up the garden now. Hope everyone else is well and bug-free.


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