Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life Goes On

It has been a very emotional time here at the Itty Bitty Homestead lately with the loss of our darling Zoe however as the universe tends to do, we were reminded the very day after she passed that life continues and joy and pain are always coming and going, neither one endures. Zoe was put down on Wednesday last week. The next day one of my clients mentioned her neighbor had been feeding a small stray kitten but was distressed because she couldn't keep it and didnt want to have to send him to the pound. After chatting with the neighbour and checking with my OH, I returned in the afternoon to bring our new baby home.

Meet Loki (named after the god of fire and MISCHIEF!)

Little Loki is settling in amazingly well considering he was a stray and had never been handled or inside. He is a smart little boy and only had to be shown how to use the litter tray once and has learnt what packets the kibble and milk come from ;)

I think he is about 8 weeks old so only a young one still and fairly thin although in the 5 days we have had him he has filled out nicely. It is amazing what plenty of good quality kitten food can do! Loki has also gone from shy and scared to bratty and hyper in those few days. He is learning new abilities every day - like that he can jump the gap from one lounge to another - and is starting to smooch up to us instead of hiding in fear. This is going to be one spoilt little kitten!!! It helps that there is almost always someone home with him thanks to our (other) new housemates, friends A & Y who moved in um..a month or so ago? (Yeah I know I am a bit slow on the updates).

Speaking of which, garden update photos below :)

The tomato from the last post has grown and is starting to ripen. YAY my first home grown tomato! This is the only tomato plant that survived the white fly infestation. Oh yes, I will be saving seeds from this baby.

These are the other two tomatoes on the same plant coming along nicely.

The grape and passionfruit have been growing like crazy and are spreading out more and more. It makes my desk (just inside that window) a lovely place to sit.

The tomatoes and basil which were tiny in my last post are growing well so with luck we will get some fruit from them in a little while.

And of course I have started even more tomatoes plus eggplant, water and rockmelon and some herbs and flowers so with luck we will get a continuing supply for a while. I know it is late in the season to be starting these but our position is very warm so I am not worried about it getting to cool.

And lastly the whole view - see how the vines have grown!!! I am going to try and get the passionfruit across the 'ceiling' and down the front to make a nice shady private area and to stop some of the harsh sun which burns my plants.


Anonymous said...

Life goes on indeed! How wonderful that you and Loki can both fill a need in each other. The Universe is spooky isn't it?

Em said...

Indeed it is! I think we are both pretty damn lucky to have each other, although my hands covered in scratches from the brat dont agree! Unfortunately he likes to play at 5am and I am a deep sleeper. BAD combination lol!