Monday, November 10, 2008

The Pitter Patter of Little Feet....

Thousands of tiny feet in fact...we are currently suffering the (what appears to be annual) invasion of little green caterpillars in the Homestead Garden. Thankfully however this year there is so much greenery that it isn't doing too much damage. A couple of young zuccini plants have been severly munched and probably wont survive and the young sweet basil plants have taken a hit, but all in all I am not too upset by the amount of damage. I do however admit to taking a great deal of pleasure in squishing their tiny jewel-green bodies between my fingers when I manage to find the little b*ggers.

Other than the many-legged invasion, not much else is happening around here. After a lovely visit the other week with the OH's family and finally meeting his only? living grandparent after *ahem* TWO years together :P both he and his little sister got sick. And then (because he loves me SO much and just had to share) I got it. I was not impressed. A few days off work last week to recover, and I am almost as good as new but still feeling tired and sinusey so have been spending lots of time huddled in front of my computer, looking at scrapbooking websites, reading blogs..and thinking I REALLY should update my own.

So update I shall. Prepare for an onslaught of photos!!!

Here is the 'update pic' so you can see how much everthing has grown.

This leaf seems to have taken the brunt of the damage. Look at all those holes! :'(

The rest of it is going ok but am still waiting for it to form a head.

This is the first zucchini flower of the season...

But there are plenty more buds on the other plants :)

The giant tomato and the one at the front are both flowering...

And these next two will probably not be far behind. I can't wait for the first fresh tomatoes!!!

I am hoping with all the smaller plants/seedlings growing and as yet unsown seeds I will have enough tomatoes to get me through the season. Just as long as they dont all get as big as this one or there wont be room for me out there! It is already just about smothering the mandarin and one of the apples.

The mandarin doesn't seem to care though...look at all these babies!

And over on the lemon tree we have these four little cuties which I am hoping will survive until maturity.

There has also been some more growth on the coffee plants - look at all the new foliage! I love watching them grow.

And how about this comfrey? I am so annoyed the petals got blown off the flowers before I was able to get a photo! I saw it when the buds were forming, but missed the flowers :(

And lastly, here is the begginings of my very own scrapbooking 'stash' and my very first page. Not overly impressive but I had fun doing it, and even more fun remembering the occasion (our one year anniversary which we spent overnight at Taronga Zoo). I only stuck things down with post-it type glue so may yet make some changes. Any and all suggestions are welcome :)

Until next time, take care.



One at a Time said...

The pictures from the garden look great.

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Eilatan said...

Oh my god sis, your garden looks great! Can't wait to check it out in person, and even more can't wait to let you loose on my acre! We are going to have so much fun.... happy dance!