Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sewing, Growing and Really Old Tomatoes

The garden is pretty much taking care of itself at the moment so I have been spending a bit more time on being crafty. I was thrilled to get this dressmakers dummy the other week for...NOTHING. It was going to be given to a thrift store unless I took it so of course I gave it a new home :D Check out the funky 70's? fabric on it.

As you can see from one of my tops hanging off it, it will need a little padding out to make it my size. I am hoping to get some thick batting in the next few weeks to start padding it out. I want to be able to make all my own clothes and have started with something fairly simple - this top:

And this is the fabric I am using - blue for the main part and red for the trim. Isn't that blue fabric so sweet! Hopefully it will turn out well. I have the fabric all cut out and am ready to start sewing. Wish me luck :P

I also had another little find this week - these three fowlers jars, two no.27 and one no. 31. One of the 27's still had tomatoes in it...

Let's have a look at that jar from a different angle! 15th February 1969! Despite its age and the rust on the lid, it was still perfectly sealed and smelled normal when I opened it. Yay for preservation! The contents and lid made their way to the bin and after a good clean to get off the rubber ring, all three jaars have been added to the collection in the cupboard :)

I have also considered doing some more scrapbooking this week, but a certain small furry resident has decided my craft mat is far better for sleeping on (especially when I am at the computer trying to type)!

And now onto the garden:

The rosemary is looking VERY unhealthy and I am not sure what the problem is - can anyone help? Its i going grey and powdery looking, working its way from the tips down.

We do have at least one type of good bug hanging around at the moment. I have counted half a dozen or so of these little guys who I am 99% sure are assassin bugs. They are more than welcome to stay if they are going to help eat some of the things trying to eat my plants!

The lemons are growing well and there are more flowers getting ready to bloom so hopefully we may get a few more growing.

The zucchinis are all flowering but still no sign of any actually growing.

And the strawberry plants I recently bought are busy flowering and sending out runners which I will let grow so I can get a few more plants.

The grape is still growing well and the passionfruit is growing about 1cm a day. It has also finally started developing side shoots instead of being one long single stem.

And here is a cute pic just for the hell of it of Zoe hunting while I was out there taking photos.

Last but not least, the full view :) Mmmm green...

Step lightly,



mountainwildlife said...

Amazing what you have achieved on your balcony- good for you! Blown away by the nearly-40-yr-old tomatoes ...... :-O
(found your blog through ALS)

Em said...

Thankyou :) Haha yeah I was pretty amused to find tomatoes significantly older than me. I see you are in the Blue Mountains - I will have to get some tips from you on what grows well. My sister has just bought an acre in the lower mountains that I am going to help her design using Permaculture principles :D so any advice you could offer would be more than welcome!

Anonymous said...

Foods are looking wonderful Em and love that dressmakers dummy!

Eilatan said...

Hey sis, looking good. I am borrowing as many gardening books as I can carry, and reading instead of packing :) Can't wait to see your top - cute fabric. And guess what? I am not completely inept in the garden.. I have 4 little red tomatoes!

Em said...

Go team you! Doing better than me. I only have two green tomatoes thanks to the damn whiteflies!!!!!