Saturday, October 18, 2008

See How My Garden Grows!

I did a bit of work in the garden today, putting up lattice and moving a couple of pots around into better positions. Not much interesting happening, just things growing more and more. The bigger Roma tomato is developing flowers though so maybe we will start to see some fruit soon. Am also hoping we might start to see fruit developing on the lemon and mandarin but I think some strong winds we had recently did a little too much damage so I wont hold my breath.

Here is the new willow lattice in place. the bits on the side will eventually go up at the corners to support the grape and passionfruit at this end and the jasmine at the other, although by the time they are big enough to give us some privacy we will probably be ready to leave the city!

Here is a close up of the grape and passionfruit at the western end. They are just starting to burst with new growth. I will be interested to see just how much they grow over summer.

The Roma tomato which is as tall as my fruit trees! OK, so the trees are, well, tiny...but still!

These two tomatoes are flourishing. They are two that I raised from seed but not sure if they are Roma or Reisentraube. Can you actually tell from the foliage? It all looks the same to me. Below them are some other tomato seedlings which I will spread throughout the garden soon. I just chucked them in the pot because they were drying out too much in the seedling tray. You can also see a nasturtium or two, some sweet basil and ah...something that pot. Aren't I wonderful at remembering what I planted where? lol!

And here is a view looking in the other direction for once :) That is the cats area when the lattice on the right is pulled across, right at the end. Not much space but hey, she is 15 ok? She doesn't exactly move around much! (And spends most of her time sleeping inside anyway). You can see the little fatty under the table spying on someone through the ironwork. (Look for the grey blob!)

That is all for today :)

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