Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Slightly Delayed Garden Update

These are oh, about a week and a half old now :P but anyway...take a (very short) stroll through my garden with me.

This cabbage is coming along nicely compared to my last attempt which well...the word 'fail' is putting it mildly. I just hope it will actually head at some point. Anyone got any tips on how to encourage this? I wont bother with cabbages again until we have more space because they take up a tad too much room, but I would like at least ONE to taste the difference from store bought.

The two in the other tub I have a feeling wont make it, with the way this weather is going. I think it is going to get too hot for them, too soon. The spinach is growing decently, but a bit slowly. I think I need to remember to fertilize more often. We did have our first meal partially from the garden the other night though - spinach and ricotta rolls. YUM!!!

This is the Gross Lisse tomato..I think..or the Roma? Lol, who knows. Either way, this was rescued from coles as a sickly looking seedling (I take mercy on sick seedling much like other people take in sick animals haha) and has flourished. As you can see, it is catching up with the dwarf mandarin which can be seen getting ready to flower in the background.

And the first apple flowers! Unfortunately I didn't learn until after I had bought it from Daleys that it needs another tree to cross pollinate it. Today I picked up a Pinkabelle which fingers crossed will flower before this ends. If not, oh well, the flowers are pretty enough to warrant them a place in my garden.

Well, that is it for today. If I actually remember, I will post more pics this weekend...

Dont hold your breath.


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