Saturday, September 6, 2008

What makes your Eco-Halo glow?

Since I have become more aware of and concerned by the impact our actions have on the environment there have been plenty of not-so-proud moments for me - accepting plastic bags because I forgot re-usables, buying conventionally raised meat wrapped in layers of plastic, buying asparagus from Peru (that one was purely accidental). But there are also moments that I am proud of, when I can stand up straight and say 'I am making a difference'.
Like most people I have a habit of beating myself up and thinking I could do so much better, but I think we need to focus more on what we HAVE done, give ourselves a pat on the back and then keep on trying to do even better.
Last night standing at the checkout of the supermarket was one of those Glowing Eco-Halo moments for me. My 'Onya Weigh' mesh produce bags were filled with fresh Australian produce (except the Peruvian asparagus - oops) and the rest of my haul (being packed in to my backpack and re-usable bags) consisted of couscous, dried herbs, free range chicken and a herbal supplement to help my other half sleep.
Looking at the other shoppers with their frozen meals and plastic wrapped sugary snacks I felt proud and yes, just a little bit better than them, because I realised how far I have come. Not that long ago, I was one of them. Shop bought pasta, biscuits and prepackaged individual deserts. I cant really remember now what I used to eat but I know one thing. Fresh produce was a very rare ingredient whereas now it makes up the bulk of our households shopping. From an environmental and personal health perspective, I am indeed very proud of the changes I have made.
I still have a way to go but for now, I can stand up straight, pat myself on the back and say 'you know what Em? You've done good'. After all, making changes for the better, not being 'perfect', is what it is all about.

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