Saturday, August 16, 2008

Garden Update

My poor coriander post aphid-attack

Seedlings I am bringing on inside, in an improvised greenhouse - a plastic container on the windowsill. Just dont ask me what seeds I put in lol.

The Garden

The snow peas andgarden peas are coming along quite nicely

Recently transplanted lettuce and cauliflower? seedlings with teensy weensy carrots coming up between them

I am still waiting for the lemon to flower. These buds look like they are about to burst!!!


Cathode said...

You may want to read into it, but I have always been told not to let citrus have fruit in the first year as it takes too much out of the plant ...
Having said that, I let my lime go and its baby fruit all fell off with the first gust of wind.

Em said...

Interesting..I will have to look into that. It makes sense but I am too impatient to wait that long!

Anonymous said...

I can almost smell those lemon buds - the leaves look really happy and healthy too. My lemon trees always look jaundiced - I think I love them too much.