Saturday, August 16, 2008

A little neglect goes a long, long way

It has been a busy few weeks here at the Itty Bitty Homestead. My new position at work and the associated stress and fatigue that follows in the first month of learning a new role has left precious little time for me to relax and tend the home. I finally attacked the kitchen and bathroom the other night when I got home from work as I had forgotten what colour the tiles underneath were meant to be. Ok…so it wasn’t quite THAT bad but you get the point.

The garden has also suffered a little from my neglect – I wandered out on the weekend to discover my comfrey and coriander had both been decimated by aphids. A good spray with pyrethrum later, the coriander is looking like it will recover but the comfrey has a brown ‘crispy’ thing going on with its leaves which I am sure can't be a good sign. Thankfully everything else has survived, even the seedlings outside after I forgot to water them for a week. OOPS! Hey, I am trying to grow tough little buggers ok? If they can’t hack it they don’t deserve to be in my garden. Natural selection and all that…

I have also been slacking off in the kitchen and not baked bread since the 3rd batch of rolls a week or so ago and I am ashamed to say, I even BOUGHT pasta the other night although I at least made the pesto sauce for it myself. One area I haven’t slacked off in has been my diet – I am now officially a healthy eater! Fruit salad for breakfast and greek salad for lunch every week day is starting to make a difference. I cant wait to be able to wear all my clothes again. Now if only I had the energy to exercise.

So here is to settling into the new role, sleeping better and having more time and energy to do all the things I want to do.

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