Sunday, July 27, 2008

Seedlings, Buns and the Destroyer of Gardens

This weekend has been nice and productive in the garden. The purchase of 3 new pots into which I was able to finally empty the bokashi bins contents (combined with potting mix) has given me a bit more space the grow things. In celebration I have planted out some (shop bought) seedlings of cabbage, silverbeet and tomato. I also transplanted the seedlings from my trays and scattered some carrot seed into the new pots. I am aiming for a nice jumbled crowded mess which is good because I am sure that is what I am going to end up with!!! I am also starting some seeds in Jiffy pots on the kitchen window sill to give them a bit of a headstart - rockmelon, two types of zuccini, tomato, basil and thyme. I cant wait until the balcony is a little jungle and I have to step through sprawling vines to get to the other end :) I plan on cramming as much into this space as possible - I think the next move will have to be hanging baskets along the house wall! And this time the fatcat is excluded - below are some older pictures of our very first potato harvest and an explanation for why after 10 months here I havent harvested anything else other than herbs... this is what happened when my darling old cat who I've had since year 3 decides the soil in the tomato bed is oh so nice and warm to sleep on!

The not-quite-famine-ending harvest of potatoes.

The bane of my plants existence - Zoe

I also attempted making bread by hand for the first time using a recipe from my new book. They were very buttery and tasted almost like a cross between a croissant and a bread roll. Quite edible though so satisfactory for my first go.

The swirly bundle

Close up!

And lastly, garden progress:

The lemon tree is covered in tiny buds! I cant wait to taste the first juicy lemon!

And what will become the standard weekly garden progress pic showing the tiny transplanted seedlings and the three new pots...I think I will be able to fit another 3 or 4 so room for perhaps another 2 dwarf fruit trees. Mmmmm jungle :D

That's all for now! Off to pop the roast in the oven then curl up with my sweetheart and make the most of the last hours of the weekend!

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Cathode said...

congratulations, that looks like it is coming along nicely! My bloody cats are into everything too. I have resorted to netting off the spring veg bed to stop them digging it all up.
Not that it is as packed as I would like it yet, but you can see how Ive done my hanging baskets here
You could also get the "window boxes" for along your balcony wall (to hang on the outside).
YAY for small gardens! and congrats again on doing so well in a small space : )