Sunday, July 20, 2008

A lazy LONG weekend at home

This weekend was absolute bliss. I took Friday off work to accept delivery of our new oven and get the electrician in to install it and have been having fun testing it ever since. The chocolate fudge brownies were ah..not so successful but the baked fish and chips were good and there is currently a nice roast lamb shoulder cooking away. And if you were wondering why an oven excites me so much, the main element hasn't worked for about a year so I am loving being able to BAKE again and makes cakes in a real oven instead of the microwave 'oven'.

Except for baking, there wasn't much else to do. Shopping for a good book on baking bread in celebration of the new oven, watering the garden and feeding the local cockatoos who have discovered that pieces of apple regularly appear on the balcony each weekend. The seedlings I have in trays are coming along slowly and with the amount of space I have (or lack there of) there isn't a whole lot of maintenance to do - something which one day I am sure I will look back on and wish for again! With nothing else to do I decided it was as good a time as any to take a few photos to introduce you to my home so without further ado, I present to you The Itty Bitty Homestead Kitchen Garden.

Some of my seedlings - this tray is mostly lettuce with some leek and something else which I don't recall.

The dwarf fruit trees which I got from Daley's about a month ago

Dwarf coffee, garlic and rosemary

My Garden - this is about half the length of the balcony. The rest has our 200L water tank (filled by bucket from shower water etc) and a small table and chairs which is mostly used as my seedling nursery, plus the cats bed and litter. There is also a fence just out of sight on the bottom of this photo, to prevent my plants suffering a horrible death by cat-squishing.

And last but not least, the water tank. It's not much, but every drop counts right? (Just forget I said that when I am having a nice hot shower lol)

And there you have it folks - the Homestead Garden in all its glory!

Step lightly,


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