Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spring Garden Update

Finally after weeks of watching and waiting for the lemon buds to develop they have finally burst into flower. The first opened on Thursday and another two have since opened their petals to the sun. The rest of the garden is coming along nicely. The snow peas are on their way out without having produced a single pod - I am wondering if I put them in too late so they were too warm? The stems started turning brown and dry looking and now only the very ends are still green. The garden peas however are still looking very happy and I think are about to flower. The comfrey that was attacked by aphids has recovered well although I am still battling the little buggers who moved on to the asparagus fern and then onto the melon seedling I had started inside. Thankfully they dont seem to be affecting anything else though. This weekend I transplanted a few more tomato, thyme and zuccini seedlings. I also bought and planted out a few more strawberry crowns. Not the right time of year but fingers crossed they will do ok despite that.

Here is the first delicious smelling lemon flower. Look at all those buds!!!

I put these tomato seeds out about a month ago but it has only just gotten warm enough for them to raise their little heads. Now I just have to work out where I am going to fit them all!

Compared to these seedlings below which have been growing on the windowsill - tomato, thyme and I think those two other ones are the rockmelons.

This cabbage plant is a vast improvement on the first lot of leggy things I tried growing. I hope the spinach beside it grows a bit faster or its going to get smothered! And that pretty little thing in the bottom left is the melon? I started inside. Yes, I suck and both identifying seedlings and marking them so I don't have to try and work out what they are.


Mits said...

The pictures of plants are looking very nice and I wish that you will get the positive results as you are really working hard to grow the plants...


hemant said...


It's nice that you made your garden very beautifully, you really care for your garden. And you transplant the different types of seeds. You done a good work to make your garden green.


Anonymous said...

If you end up with too many tomato seedlings, they make great surprise gifts for neighbours or other like-minded buddies! I would never say no to a hand raised tomato seedling :)