Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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An interesting short video on the monopoly that the 'big two' supermarkets have in Australia

The Beast File: Woolies and Coles

This is an article that everyone should read! It makes me feel sick that so much is wasted. If we are ever to achieve a more sustainable and ecological agriculture, we have to change the market first!

Food Waste


Jessica said...

There is waste at every stage of the process. I (along with a moderately sized bindiving community) used to live almost entirely off woolworths waste from one supermarket.Have a look at the pics! http://aristophania.com/freeganism/bindiving-dumpster-diving/

Em said...

I had an idea previously of how much is wasted by the supermarkets/cafes etc and individuals but what I didn't realise was the amount wasted before it even gets to the shop because of the smallest flaws. THAT is what absolutely shocked and disgusted me :( The thing I find so depressing about it all is trying to figure out how this can be stopped from happening. It makes me feel so helpless. Step one should be to stop shopping at Coles and go to IGA and the butcher instead, and pray that Bob at the health food shop starts getting in more and more local produce!

Leigh said...

Hi Em, I wanted to return the blog visit and thank you for taking the time to leaves a comment on mine.

Changing the way these huge companies work seems like a Goliath doesn't it? It seems the bigger they get, the worse they get.