Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Once again I have been absent for too long but I have a few good excuses. One is that my computer isn't working - am using T's laptop for now. The other is that our darling Ginger Ninja, Loki died and I haven't wanted to come on here and have to write about it. It happened two months ago and I still cant think about it without crying. He was our baby and we both loved him so very much.

As for the good things in life - well, wedding planning is going well but I am starting to get the panicky feeling like I havent done enough yet - we still have 3 months and 1 day to go but I am sure it will pass by before we know it.

The animals are all going well. We adopted a new kitten, Zac, from the RSPCA to try and fill the hole Loki left and to some extent he is succeeding. He is such a cute crazy ball of fluff and every bit as affectionate as Loki was (it must be a boy thing - my girl cats have all been snobs). The chookies are laying well and we got our first duck egg on monday, smack bang on midwinter as Mrs Duck Herder had said they would start laying. What smart ducks! Gerald, the drake, has grown up into a big handsome boy and is doing a good job of looking after the girls. The neighbors all like the birds and I have heard the bloke next to us quacking in response to them when he didnt realise I could hear him haha.

That is about it for now. Hope everyone is well.


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The Duck Herder said...

oh poor Loki. I am so sorry to hear that sad news!

But your OTHER news, please tell MY ducks to get a wriggle on as they have NOT started laying yet.

But I am so pleased they are doing well and laying and all that!

love Duckie xxx