Saturday, April 10, 2010

Long Time Gone...

Finally, what everyone has been waiting for... piccies!

Well, here they are, the worlds cutest little vandals. They are well and truly settled in and getting along just fine with the cats. In fact, I think they take a little bit too much pleasure out of chasing Loki and watching him run away. Hehehe. Naughty ducks!

This was taken looking out the back door...they know where the food comes from!!!

The chooks are also going very well with one laying, and the other two not far behind. I think we will get our first eggs from them this week. In the meantime, we are loving the fresh delicious eggs from our one special girl... it doesnt get any fresher than cracking an egg into the fry pan, still warm from being laid!

Our very first egg on the left, next to a full sized egg from the shops.

The extension to the chook house went well and the ducks seem quite happy with their new abode. It took them a few days to get interested in it but I suspect the cooler weather helped encourage them to make the move away from their open-plan living area into the cosy new room!!!

The garden - that which is out the front, and therefore out of reach of clumsy duck feet and hungry bills - is still going fantastically giving me more tomatoes than I can eat, a tonne of spinach and a few other goodies, like butternut pumpkins. I will definately plant a tonne for tomatoes next year though as these have barely given me enough to can. I have put 4 jars up, preserving them in my brand new super duper electric Fowlers unit. SO much easier to use, and as a bonus there is no risk of breaking the new flat glass cooktop, unlike the old stove top preserver.

What else is news? Not much else going on... went up to Picton last weekend to my mums new place which is in a very pretty spot on a few acres. Had fun with the family and our niece and nephew and got a good bit of exercise carrying our 2 year old niece all the way up a very big steep hill and back down again!!! As well as being easter, it was also the first time I had seen the family since the engagement, PLUS it was my 25th birthday so there was much in the way of presents and feeling very spoilt. The drive was also much more tolerable, not having to go anywhere near the city and cutting a good hour and a half off the trip compared to where mum was previously living.

In closing I shall leave you with a very content Gabby, enjoying the sunshine and lush grass a few weeks ago :)

And Loki, knackered after a hard days work supervising me and guarding the birds!

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