Sunday, February 14, 2010

Homegrown Goodness

Well I have again been slack in my blogging but I have a good excuse! I have been spending all my time playing in the garden!!! The past few months it has really started getting productive and with the constant soaking rain in the past week everything is going crazy. We are eating meals from the garden regularly now with corn, spinach, silverbeet and carrots featuring heavily. I also had a nice meal of blackberries from down at the river last week. I got maybe a punnet or twos worth - not a lot given the scratches I received but YUM. I also tasted the first (single) raspberry off our canes out the back. Again, absolutely amazing! I could happily live off berries of all types. We shall very shortly have our new chookie and duckie additions to the family and will hopefully begin getting eggs from the chooks within a month. The tomatoes are all covered in green fruit and the pumpkin is getting some small fruit on it as well. The couple of vines out the front are certainly doing their best to take over the garden, rambling across the path and all through the tomato bushes as well. It is such a beautiful mess! I cant wait to turn the rest of our space into garden :D

This is the front vegie patch at the moment. You can see from the grass on the kerb just how much rain we have been getting!!!

And this is part of tonights dinner. I wont pick the corn until the water is boiling away. I am thinking a spinach and ricotta lasagne plus the other vegies and we have ourselves a cheap, delicious, nutritious and mostly local meal :)

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