Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just Like Christmas...But BETTER!!!

Well it has been a busy couple of weeks here at the Itty Bitty Homestead. Well, not so much here, as up the road where I work. 4 days last week and 5 this week (all 7 am starts) makes for a very sleep Em. I have however survived and am getting used to the hours and routine. Of course just to keep things interesting, all my shifts for next week are 3-11pm. Oh well, at least I get to sleep in.

Except for the early starts, the new job is going really well. The clients are lovely and (most of) the ladies I work with are too. Plus, how is this for an awesome day at work - on Wednesday myself and another carer took two of our clients down the coast for lunch. Fish and chips by the beach in the sun, lovely spring air AND to top it all off, we saw a whale! Very cool but of course, no one had cameras. It was showing off and having a good splash around....I love my job :D

Continuing with the theme of the busy week, Wednesday arvo we had a visit from Troys mother and step dad who were passing through town on the way back to Sydney. They stayed in town overnight and Thursday we went out to dinner to one of the nicer places here. It was a pleasant evening although I felt the ache from the tiny bit of wine the next morning. Oh and they got us a lovely housewarming gift - a mini greenhouse! So now I can have my kitchen bench and windowsill and dining table and mantle back.

The house is being somewhat overtaken by seedlings at the moment but some are about ready to go outside. Also, we had the seedling swap today so I got rid of a heap of the peas and beans I was raising (and I gotta say, they looked to be the healthiest seedlings there - go me!). In return I bought home 2 raspberries, 2 strawberries, a loganberry, a tiny plum 'tree', a bunch of rosemary cuttings, some basil, broccoli, a few different flowers, lettuces, chards and maybe a few other things, plus some red wiggler worms to start our worm farm! Yay! I have them all set up in their new home and ready to start doing their thing.

Tomorrow I will be digging out spots for the berries and planting them out and more pottering in the side garden. It has taken a lot of work but I am getting there. Pictures to come of the progress of course. For now, here are some I prepared earlier!

This shows the weeding in progress - the entire patch was foot high grass and weeds. You can see the pile on the right which I had already ripped out at this point.

Here we have some baby plums, I think, on one of the fruit trees.

Kitten practicing being a tiger amongst the weeds up the back.

One of the many 'weeds' around here - a pretty little Poppy

This is what I brought home from the seedlings swap today. Arent my new babies so cute?

And these are most of the seedlings I am raising at the moment, sitting in the sunniest and warmest spot in the house. Good thing I have been too tired to make pasta all week!

So there we have it, another week, another plant or hundred added to our little 'stead. Stay tuned for more updates!!!

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