Monday, October 26, 2009

The Growing Garden

Just a quick picture update today...

Here are all my babies in their cozy new home. Dont they look happy? Some are waiting to go out, I just need the weather to improve and to build some climbing structures for the peas... oh yeah, and work out WHERE I am going to put them.

This is the progress on the side garden - first path dug out with the topsoil going onto the beds. Once I have finished the other paths I will try and get my hands on some saw dust to line them all.

I have already planted out some spinach and lettuce I brought home from the swap and the strawberry plants in their pots here were planted out this morning.

And this is last nights dinner - the most freakishly yellow pasta I have ever seen! This was made using the free range eggs I bought from one of the ladies at work. The yolks are just amazing!

Till next time,



The Duck Herder said...

nice work Em - its all coming along very nicely and i can see you will outgrow your half acre almost a quickly as you outgrew your balcony!

that pasta is an amazing colour - I bet it tasted lovely too.


Em said...

You will have to come down and see it in person some time. And try some of the pasta of course!

Hopefully it wont be more than a year or two before we can start looking at buying some acreage...I think about 100 acres should keep us going for a while hehe