Thursday, July 10, 2008

Welcome to Our Humble Home

I am by no means new to the world of blogging, having been on LiveJournal for the past 5 years, but while my journals over there have been mostly private places for venting and tracking events in my life, this blog will be public and allow all you lovely people out there in blogland to join me on my journey to self a two bedroom, third floor apartment in the suburbs of Sydney.

In the next few years my wonderful other half and I want to move away from the city to a 20-ish acre property in southern NSW but for now we are working towards our goals in the space we have, reading, learning, and practicing what we can. My interests cover all areas of health and nutrition, homesteading, cooking from scratch, traditional crafts and organic gardening. I also own just about every book on Permaculture available and hope to one day apply the principles to our own block of land.

For now though, I am making the most of my 1.5m x 6m north facing balcony. My next few posts will go into more detail about what brought me here, my views on various environmental issues and what I am growing - and once I have figured out how to include pics, I might even show you my garden so far :)

Until then, keep smiling and tread gently on the earth.



Kez said...

Found your blog from a comment you left on Crazy Mumma's blog. Looking forward to sharing your adventure!

Cathode said...

good luck with the small space journey. I too have a small area, though not an apartment.

Em said...

Hi ladies, thanks for the comments. If you ever have any useful tips, PLEASE share...I am somewhat of a novice when it comes to plants and ah...everything else! All my experience is with animals but its a bit hard to fit a horse or a few sheep in the space I have ;)