Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More yumminess

This has got to be a record for me. I am actually sticking to the whole primal-eating thing and feeling great (well, as great as you can feel when you are in a constant state of sleep deprivation!) I am having the occasional naughty thing like a chocolate bar here and there or (GASP!) McDonalds (I didn't eat the bun though, just enjoyed those juicy juicy patties :P) but overall I am being terribly healthy. Most days consist of eggs and shrooms/zucchini etc for breakfast, salad for lunch and salad with a good bit of meat for dinner. I also bought a juicer so have been having fun experimenting with different flavours and getting more greens into my diet. I find it interesting that I am wanting 'bad' foods less and less, for example I am only having almond pancakes maybe once a week when previously I could have (but didn't!) happily eaten those delicious things every day of the week! My meals are more or less variations of what I posted last time with the occasional new addition like the delicious 'Hawaiian Chicken' I made last week. I seem to be snacking less too which should help lower my overall intake and although I decided not to cut potatoes from my diet, I have been eating far less because I just don't find myself craving their starchy goodness like I used to. I jumped on the scales at Mum's house the other weekend and won't be checking my weight again until the next time I am there which will be at Christmas but I am hoping to see a difference of at least a few kg. If I can lose weight the way I am eating at the moment, it will be a breeze getting to my goal weight because I could happily keep this up forever! Some of my yummies lately:

Hawaiian Chicken with avocado, mango and pinenut salsa

Zucchini scrambled eggs with fetta and pinenuts

Burger salad

Burrito Salad
The new girls are both laying now though the eggs are a little small - I am still having to buy some eggs to keep up with demand because Evie has become addicted to our scrambled eggs each morning (which is WAY better than the vegemite on toast she was having previously).

The garden is coming along nicely though not producing much as it is in that in-between-seasons rut. The winter stuff is going to seed and the summer stuff hasn't kicked off yet. I have lots of seedlings growing away out the back and can't wait to plant them out and watch them grow!

Bertha and Gertrude (having a dust bath in the background)

Meyer lemon coming back after the cold

Baby bath re-purposed - full of comfrey tea to soak transplants

My precious mulberry tree

Lots of stuff going to seed and calendula everywhere!

Not much on this side yet, waiting for seedlings to go in

Nice big rhubarb plant on the left, ruby chard on the right.


Leigh said...

"Primal-eating thing", love it! LOL I have to say your meals look scrumptious! Good point too, about craving junk food less.

Em said...

They taste great too! The only problem with eating this way is that whipping up something fast and easy when I've had a shocking day with the kids can be a challenge since toast and pasta with cheese and butter are off the menu!!! The lessened cravings has been amazing and I am barely snacking at all. I'm just not hungry between meals whereas I used to always be grazing.