Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My first Uni residential - a lifechanging experience

Last week I left my little family behind with tears in my eyes, dreading a whole week away from them as I drove myself up to Orange for my first res school for uni. Waving goodbye to them, I could not possibly have foreseen the effect the next week would have on me. I can barely put into words what I experienced but I think 'life-changing' is definitely appropriate. Although I only had 4 days of classes, the opportunity to meet people who 'got' the way I think and feel about the world and who knew what I was talking about when I babbled on people like Joel Salatin and Peter Andrews was amazing.

Despite an intense eagerness to return to Troy and Evie, I felt a deep sadness as I left to head home, with likely another 12 months before I get to enjoy the experience again. Yet on top of the sadness I felt so energised and inspired. I know without a doubt that this course of study is taking me in the direction I want to go and allowing me to meet some amazing like-minded people along the way. There may not be many of us yet but I feel a renewed hope that in time, the world will begin to change and we will no longer be the minority.

In honour of this week and in order to keep my blog alive and perhaps encourage others to learn more about the important issues facing our civilisation, I plan on putting lots of links in here to videos, articles etc that I think are worthwhile reading or viewing. Prepare to be entertained, inspired and at times, sick to the stomach when we see what is currently normal in this world...

x Em

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