Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where oh where did the last 5 months go?

Evie is just past 5 months. Where the hell did the time go? I can not believe how quickly she is growing up and changing. My little pixie is now rolling over and experimenting with solids (eating my food!) and getting more adorable every day.

Thanks to her presence things on the homesteading front have been a tad quiet. The winter garden is plodding along producing some spinach, lots of parsley and plenty of scallions but unfortunately I was late getting my seedlings started so they are all STILL sitting in their seedling trays at a grand inch and a half high. After months. Next year I definitely need a better greenhouse set up, perhaps something with an automatic mister as remembering to water them for days at a time probably hasn't helped things much.

We also had a bit of a setback the week prior to last when something, presumably a fox, took our three hens. The chooks hadn't been roosting in the hen house for ages, instead choosing to camp out near the back door and we had given up on trying to get them in. The past few nights they had finally been going back into the coop after months of only using it to lay but I had the door off to use as a compost sieve. I guess we had gotten a bit complacent and figured that if they had been safe for this long, there must not be any foxes around. When we went to feed them in the morning there was no sign of them. We finally found one in shreds up the back and never found any sign of the other two. I miss them so much :( We will get more soon, but this time I will be very careful about making sure they are locked up safe at night.

One happy event though was my recent trip to Jamberoo for the Joel Salatin workshop held by RegenAg. Evie and I travelled down on our own, staying the night before and after at my Dad's house nearby. The workshop was great with some very interesting ideas brought up and lots of new people to meet and talk to. Evie was amazing and quiet as a mouse almost the entire time. I was so proud of her! Although his ideas definitely couldn't just be transplanted here, it certainly gave me lots of food for thought and is more encouragement to think outside the box of traditional agriculture.

Oh yeah, and the other thing - I finally finished my PDC so now I can hopefully start getting some clients to design for. I even have business cards and everything :D I just need to get enough confidence in my own skills to promote myself, instead of feeling like I am not worth people actually paying me for my services. Oh well, all in good time. For now I am loving being a mum and making the most of my life in this gorgeous town!

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