Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking Backwards, Looking Forward

Despite never having been one to really get that excited about the whole NYE celebrations thing, I do tend to become rather reflective at this time of year, much like most people. This post is going to be more for my records than anything else, so feel free to skip it ;)

The past year has definitely been the most memorable of the 25 I have lived so far. We became engaged, then married and in between found out that we were going to become parents. I am sad that the wedding for me was rather overshadowed by the horrible morning sickness I was suffering but then, it was just A DAY and what matters more is every other day of our married life together.

The past year has also been a good one in terms of meeting new people and building friendships and networks in the local area and really settling in to life in Cooma (which we love more and more the longer we live here!)

On the personal achievements front...well I got my Aged Care cert - a requirement for work - which while incredibly easy and boring is still something to add to my resume. For me the most valuable part of it was getting my First Aid certificate again, having let my last one lapse by ah...a few years. Oops. The past few weeks has also seen me digging in and being close to finishing my PDC - it will be very nice to get the actual certificate given that with all my reading and designing previously I know I definitely have the required knowledge and skills! The next goal I am contemplating is to do a Horticulture certificate and work on my knowledge of specific plants - this is definitely my weak area!

On the health front I was starting to do well by increasing my exercise and eating better until bubs and the morning sickness hit! Thankfully as a result of that and my lack of appetite since (my diet these days mostly consists of fruit and milk! yum!) I have continued to lose weight throughout the pregnancy so I have a bit of a 'head start' on the weight loss for once bubs arrives.

So...on to this year. For the first time, I find myself struggling to identify solid goals because what with the little one on the way, I just can not plan anything nor predict what is to come. This year is going to see our life change in the most amazing ways!!! The only thing we CAN accurately predict of course is that there will be many, many sleepless and exhausted days and nights!

Some generalised goals I do have however are:

to continue to improve my health by eating better and exercising more
to increase my knowledge of plants and the local environment
to continue to develop the garden and produce more of our own food
to be frugal and save us enough money as possible by making more things from scratch
to explore alternative employment options including starting my own small Permaculture business
to be the best wife and mother I can be and to cherish every moment with my husband and daughter :)

So here is to 2011, and all the exciting things to come!!!


Valley View said...

Who did you do your PDC with young lady?


Em said...

Permaculture Visions. They are the only ones that do it online, couldnt afford to do a residential :'(

Valley View said...

ernyes, very expensive! Trying to find one close by is difficult as well. How was it doing it online - was there any sort of practical side to it??

Em said...

Not really, all just reading and answering 'homework' questions and drawing up various designs, plus the final design. Actually there were a few prac type things like soil testing etc, identifying weeds... I have found it to be ok but cant say I have learnt anything more than what I already had from reading all the Permie books inc. the Designers Manual. For me its main value is in having my PDC as a qualification.

deux chiens et un garcon said...


Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by. Hope you are well. Well done for all that you have done and all that you hope to do. Have a great week.

Valley View said...

Details for the Field day on 12th February are as follows;

What to bring - Please make sure you have a hat, sunscreen and a rain/waterproof coat. Good walking shoes, camera and notebook. The weather forecast is for a 90% chance of showers. Probably be a good idea to bring a folding chair so you can sit and listen to Matt and Nick.

Morning Session:

Timings - 0930hrs - 1230hrs

Address - Warrigal, 653 Werralong Road, Dalgety
Directions - Go through Berridale, past the huge poplar trees until you reach Roberts Street on your left. Proceed down Roberts Street to the end and turn right. You then reach an intersection where almost directly across in a dog leg is a dirt road, called Rockwell Road. There are signs to follow to the Snowy River Winery along this road. Follow this road for approximately 11km until you reach numerous mail boxes together on your right. Just past them there is a turnoff to Werralong Road which is mainly a dirt road and again signs to the Winery. Follow this road past the Winery for some 6.5 km until you cross a blue cattle grid. This is now our property, Warrigal. Go straight ahead to an old gate. (Do not turn to the right and go down towards the river). You will see one of our sheds straight ahead. Go towards this through another gate and go towards the shed. Park anywhere in this area. You are welcome to come into the house yard and into the house to meet with us.

Lunch 1230hrs - 1330hrs. Lunch is BYO, people can choose to either have lunch at Warrigal, Cooma or Valley View.

Afternoon Session:

Timings - 1400hrs - 1700hrs

Address - Valley View, 3260 Monaro Highway, Bredbo

Directions; Coming from Cnaberra - Valley View is 500 metres south of Bredbo (Cooma side). Turn into the rusty white gate on the left, 500m past the bridge, located amoung the trees and follow the old Monaro Hwy to the dirt, follow to the house. Coming from Cooma, pass the Bredbo Refuse Station about 300m over the rise you will see a blue rest area sign, the gate is on the right amoung the trees and follow the old Monaro Hwy to the dirt, follow to the house.

Hope to see you there.