Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mr and Mrs

Last Friday was our wedding day and I am glad to say it all went well! The weather was absolutely perfect with warm sun and just a light breeze, the ceremony went well (although there was a bit of giggling on my part because I kept having tears run down my cheeks - blaming preggo hormones lol) and the reception was a success with plenty of yummo food and good company. The only downside to the day was a little bit of "morning" sickness on my part and a cold I am still trying to shake after 3 weeks! Thankfully we had a gap of a few hours between the ceremony and the reception so I was able to rest for a while.

On the baby front, all is going well. I am 16 weeks now and starting to actually look pregnant, not just fat! The morning sickness has finally eased in the past week. I havent been sick in days! YAY! Only a couple more weeks till our next scan when hopefully they will be able to tell if it is a boy or a girl.

The best thing about feeling better (and our week long honeymoon-at-home) is being able to get stuff done in the garden. I am sheet mulching one side of the front yard to put down potatoes and will start planting out a whole bunch of things shortly. I plan on growing lots of corn and spinachey things for the birds to keep them happy. The other side of the front just has some self sown stuff from last season so far. I am yet to plant anything else but that will start in the next few weeks.

Unfortunately the birds seem to be well aware that it is spring time - one of the ducks went clucky and was determined to sit on her nest up in the back junk pile where she had hidden her eggs. After a few days of taking her off the nest she has given up thankfully. One of the chooks however is far more determined! We keep taking her out of the nest box and leaving the lid and doors open so it is bright but she keeps going back. At least we are getting her off long enough that she is eating and drinking.

Well I am off to enjoy this perfect spring weather we have today!


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