Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spring...for now

I think it is finally spring proper here now - perhaps. The other week we had some lovely warm weather which had me feeling very optimistic however a cold snap and a bit of rain put a bit of a dampener on that (bad pun intended). Yesterday was a bit warmer and today is warmer still with lovely clear blue skies although a bit of wind blowing still. The flowers are continuing to bloom although my little apple tree is still totally bare. It IS alive though - I scratched the top of one of the buds and there is green underneath. Perhaps I need to knit it a little jumper, poor sooky plant. The other dwarf fruit trees are mostly coming along ok. The two citrus arent growing, but they arent dying either. The mango is looking very unwell with no leaves on it and the main stem is looking slightly...wrinkly...instead of firm and green. I have given it a good dose of seasol which will hopefully perk it up a little.

The seeds I have planted in punnets are coming along nicely as are the seedlings planted into the garden. There are also a lot of seedlings popping up in the garden although at least half of those are weeds I am sure. I will have a lot of work to do once they get their adults leaves and I can actually identify them! I have also planted out a number of seed potatoes which were just starting to put out shoots so hopefully in a week or two they will start popping up through the mulch. The lucerne seeds I scattered have also sprouted so with luck soon they will be nice and big and shading out the weeds!!!

The broccoli and cabbage seedlings.

Other than the garden, I have been spending some time working on my crafts - sewing (and a lot of unpicking stitches), patchwork/applique, and a cross stitch for my nieces christmas present. I originally bought it a little before she was born. She recently turned two so I figure it is about time I get stuck in and actually finish it!!! It is amazing what one can do when there is no pesky work to get in the way!

I admit though that I have been missing the social intereaction and satisfaction that comes with the job, as well as having some structure and something to DO so I very happily toddled off to my induction yesterday and have my first shift today starting at noon. It will also be great to have some money coming in so I can pay off the credit card and then buy the materials for the chook pen :D I had a call the other day and was given a few phone numbers for locals who might have RIR's or Australorps available. YAY! Hopefully by the end of the month I will have some cash spare to get them.

Well, not much else to report so I shall end this post with a couple of photos of the lovely spring flowers, and a big Happy Anniversary to my darling love. 3 years he has been putting up with me...what an angel :)

Blossoms of some sort. Perhaps purely decorative, but certainly very pretty!

The lilac bush just outside the kitchen window.

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